Acceptable Waste

  1. Construction and demolition debris such as wood, metal, etc.
  2. Brick, mortar, concrete, stone, and asphalt.
  3. Cardboard boxes.
  4. Natural vegetation, such as tree limbs, stumps, and leaves.
  5. Appliances which have had the motor removed, except for refrigerators or air conditioners.
  6. Furniture.
  7. Plastic, glass, crockery, and metal, except containers.
  8. Sawdust, wood shaving, and wood chips.
Prohibited Waste

  1. Any waste listed above contaminated by a possible pollutant, such as food or chemical.
  2. Household garbage.
  3. Food or drink waste.
  4. Industrial Waste.
  5. Liquids.
  6. Sludges.
  7. Contaminated Soils.
  8. Paint or paint buckets.
  9. Oil containers and chemical containers.
  10. Any metal, glass, plastic, or paper containers.
  11. Fabric.
  12. Paper waste.
  13. Engines or motors.
  14. Refrigerators.
  15. Whole, cut, or shredded tires.
  16. Batteries.
  17. Toxic or hazardous waste.
  18. Asbestos and asbestos containing material.
  19. Medical Waste.
  20. Other waste which may have an adverse effect on the environment.