A city clerk is a clerk for a municipality. It is among the oldest public servant positions..

In ancient Greece city secretaries who read official documents publicly and at the opening of a meeting read
public curses. The early keepers of the archives were often called remembrancers, and before writing came
into use, their memory was public record.

When the early colonists came to Amerca, one of the first offices established was that of clerk. The colony at
Plymouth appointed a person to act as a recorder. In the United States, a City Clerk is an elected or
appointed official who is responsible as the official keeper of the municipal records. In some places, the
Clerk may be known as the "Village Clerk" or "Town Clerk". In Boroughs, Parishes, and Counties they are
often known as the "County Clerk." If the Clerk's Office is limited to just performing the agenda and minutes
for the legislative and committee meetings, the office may be called "Clerk of the Legislature." A City Clerk
Office usually publishes agendas for legislative bodies, such as the City Assembly, City Council, or
Alderman meetings, and is responsible for recording all council- and city mayor-related actions.
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