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In Memory of
Jamie Walker
The Waynesboro Police Department is now currently accepting applications.
The Waynesboro Police Department's goal is to assist those in
need, investigate alleged violations of the law, apprehend criminals,
and provide a preventative patrol of Waynesboro's city limits.
Chief Investigator
Don Hopkins
It is the mission of the Waynesboro Police Department to
safeguard persons and property through preparedness and
vigilance. The Department holds true to a community
policing and positive quality of life philosophy. It's members
shall continually strive for excellence in service, training, and
professional development. The Waynesboro Police
Department, and it's members values the input our
community and we are dedicated and honored to serve the
citizens of Waynesboro.
"Our Core Values are accountability, honesty, integrity, dependablility, and service
to others before self and genuine desire to pursue what is right, good and fair."
Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Respect All Individuals   This is accomplished by respecting all individuals
    regardless of their status or affiliation with the Department and the community that
    we serve, and ourselves as peace officers. Respect is earned by giving respect.
    Everyone has a degree of dignity regardless of the circumstances or who they are.
  2. Provide Professional Service We must build, maintain, and enhance a reputation of
    effectiveness and fairness in responding to all requests for service. We have to
    understand and appreciated human diversity and behavior and apply common
    sense to meet our goals. Judgments that are morally, ethically, and legally correct
    will serve as a guide to our employees and ensure that we meet our goals. An
    employee cannot maintain professionalism if emotions are allowed to make
  3. Seek Execllence We will continually search for excellence through training,
    education, and experimentation to provide for the highest quality of service.
    Employees seek excellence through their techniques designed to motivate and
    develop their subordinates. A manager does things right, a leader does the right
    thing. We must continually be examples to each other and the community we serve.
  4. Continually Seek Improvement We must be respectfully reverent of our traditions
    and constantly seeking better ways for accomplishing our mission. We must not be
    afraid to take risks and make mistakes.
Warrant List 2018
Holt Ross, Police Chief
Scott Frost, Asst. Chief