Richard Johnson,
Waynesboro, Ms.
Notice and
The City of Waynesboro is an equal
opportunity employer.
The City of Waynesboro is currently updating it's ADA
parking facilities throughout the City. Many of the current
ones are outdated and in disrepair. We hope this will help
enable our physically challenged citizens to enjoy improved
mobility in our City. Many more upgrades are in the works in
our parks as well.
ADA upgrades
Drainage Improvements

Mayor Richard Johnson is proud to announce work is
underway to make
drainage improvements to the
intersection of Spring St & Azalea Dr.
This project has
been a long time in the planning and finally coming to
 Residents are encouraged to avoid this area
in order to reduce traffic congestion.
There are also
other projects underway and planned for
improving overall drainage for the City.
Artesian Well on Station St.

The Artesian Well on Station St. will be temporarily out of order
while construction is underway near the Spring St. and Azalea
Dr. intersection. It will be restored once construction is